Sun, oh.. lots of sun! This year has been the best summer I’ve ever had in Norway! The weather made a huge impact this time. In the few years I’ve visited Stavanger, I could still remember the number of times I had to wear layers of clothing because of the wind and rain NOT THISContinue reading “SUMMER IN NORWAY 2021”

Things I Learned in the Last Pregnancy

Books, classes, seminars, workshops.. you name it, I’ve had it before. After being pregnant and given birth for the third time, I can confidently attest that not all pregnancy are the same. Every single woman has their unique experiences and that’s normal. Perfectly fine! So, don’t you worry Mama, you got this! When I foundContinue reading “Things I Learned in the Last Pregnancy”

What’s in Puglia, Italy

It’s been countless times I’ve visited different parts of Italy and I must say that Puglia was one of the best ones I’ve ever been. It is located in the southern peninsular section of Italy and they are mostly known for its olive oil production. Puglia has plenty of beaches in the whole region, itContinue reading “What’s in Puglia, Italy”