Eyelash Extensions Basic Care


So, you’re planning to get your lashes done or maybe you already have one – or maybe you’re just curious and how and what it is. Thank you for visiting me here, you came to the right place!

First of all, I would like to clarify to you – I am not an eyelash technician, however I have years and years of experience in getting my lashes done – from a cheap salon, super fancy modern ones to finally finding the right ones that actually works for me and for everyone else. I have experienced A LOT both bad and good from getting my lashes done. And I’m not stopping wherever I go. So, here I am today sharing with you some of my basic care/tips on how to make your eyelash extensions last longer, avoid eye infections and some recommendations to my favourite eyelash places to go!


After getting your lashes done and before you get out of your salon, your technician would normally tell you how to take care of your lashes and then they will give a disposable mascara wand. Don’t lose this. Use this!

During the first 24 hours, let the glue/adhesive dry completely. Avoid direct contact with water – avoid steam rooms, saunas, facials or hot showers.

If this is your first time, you still may find it weird, having heavy, long strands of hair in your eyesight – DO NOT RUB, PLAY OR PULL YOUR LASHES. Leave it alone. Please. If it feels like its stinging your eyes, check your eye – maybe there’s hair poking it OR maybe the adhesive is still wet – a normal hand fan should dry it out. If it gets worse, call your salon/technician or maybe go see a doctormaybe you are allergic to this adhesive and I really hope none of you are!

During the first 24 hours as well, make sure that you don’t apply anything on your eyes – especially makeup or products. The whole idea is to make sure you don’t try to build up oil in your eye area especially your lash lines.


The general rules in maintaining your gorgeous eyelash extensions are very simple:

  1. Avoid oil based products.
  2. Always remove makeup before sleeping and make sure that you clean your lash lines thoroughly. You really don’t want to build up that gross leftovers over and over again in your eyes. You know what happens when old leftovers are not taken care of 🙂
  3. Clean your lashes daily with water (some salon offer eyelash shampoo) and then brush it nicely with your disposable mascara wand. Keep your lashes clean always and tangle free!
  5. Get refills regularly to keep them full and beautiful!


Stavanger, Norway

Beauty House Stavanger by Gita Beranke

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Bucharest, Romania



A Dose of Positivity

Hi there!

I’m currently struggling with what to actually post today. I have so many things in my head and I’ve made a promise to myself that I will be updating my blog on a regular basis and I will stick to real life stories rather than focusing on projects, ads and products alone.

As a Mom of a 7 month old baby, things rattle up a bit at home and a lot in my head. I am currently juggling my life between trying to be a better Mom to my own baby, trying to learn a new language, trying to enjoy my newly acquired love for knitting, trying to get myself into shape, trying to not mentally stress me the fact that I’m still not able to work here in Norway as I’m still not an official resident of the country, trying not to be emotionally shattered by the fact that it’s been a year now since the last time I saw my two boys in Malaysia and all the daily tasks that I’m trying to accomplish at home. Please tell me how to deal with all of this.

It’s too much isn’t it. I can easily panic and hyperventilate right now – I do sometimes but I’m getting better with my breathing techniques. I think. LOL

I know the best way to deal with all of this, according to all the books, google and articles that I’ve read is to take one step at a time. I am. But sometimes, I break down too. I actually don’t know where this story is going but one thing is for sure, I know I am not alone. I know there are a lot of Mums out there who are in the same situation, especially life with Covid-19 right now being such a huge pain in the ass. I know I am not alone and I know my situation is not the worse and I should just get myself together and be a support to everyone who are in the same place.

I may have a lot of negative things in my plate right now but I know if I focus on the positive side of life, it actually is a lot more – like I am healthy, I have food everyday, I have healthy children and they are getting proper education, books to read, food to eat, toys to play, a warm place and a roof on our head, an internet connection to reach out to family and friends all over the world and a lot more. (Wow, that was good!)

SO, For all ladies (or gents) who are currently overwhelmed by life right now, let’s talk, reach out to me or your friends and family. It is really overwhelming right now in so many ways but we will all prevail and will rise again. You are not alone – thinking about negative things will just make you think more negative events. It’s pretty awful but sometimes, I believe these things come our way to make us stronger, mentally and emotionally. In your own terms, let yourself rise again and start feeding positivity into your head and into your life. You are not alone. I am with you!


Things I Learned in the Last Pregnancy

Books, classes, seminars, workshops.. you name it, I’ve had it before. After being pregnant and given birth for the third time, I can confidently attest that not all pregnancy are the same.

Every single woman has their unique experiences and that’s normal. Perfectly fine! So, don’t you worry Mama, you got this!

When I found out that I was pregnant with my third baby, I was so sure that I know what to do – probably same procedure as the previous ones and probably same routines. But, No. Covid-19 came and nobody knows what’s normal and what is allowed. You can’t find similar stories anywhere, its not in every book and there’s no workshop or seminars about it. Totally different.

I did try to panic for a bit because during that time we were living in Bucharest and at that time, because the pandemic is still relatively new and at peak – I was told that my husband is not allowed at all to come with me in the hospital. I will have to give birth alone! I also had an emergency c-section. It was a total mess in my head but in the end, I just wanted to get it done, get my baby to safety and be home.

So, I am sharing with you things I have learned for a smooth and calm pregnancy and delivery from my previous experiences.

Books. Read a lot of it. Call me a geek. Some may find it useless but trust me, you’ll feel a lot better when you know what to expect. I always read something, jot down all my possible questions for my next check-up or if I have any clarifications. Trust me, when you feel like you are mentally prepared and knowledgeable of what it going on with your body, you’ll enjoy your journey a little more.

Trust your Ob-gyne / Doula, etc. I’ve always been very careful in choosing my own doctor. I always trust my instinct since I will be going through this whole journey with him/her. If I think I have to change because it doesn’t satisfy my needs/beliefs then I will. Trust your instinct. Enjoy your pregnancy!

Capture every moment. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Since my first pregnancy, I have been very consistent in taking photos and capturing every memory I had. Don’t forget to back it up too! A lot! LOL! I did that mistake with my second pregnancy, I only back it up once and then I lost that hard drive! And I feel forever feeling so sorry for my little son, Sebastian for not having enough photos and videos for him!

List down and prepare everything. I am a freak when it comes to lists. I didn’t do this with my first two pregnancy and I regret it. I’ve learned it with my last one. On the early stage, I’ve opened up a spreadsheet, listed down everything I needed for the baby, I needed for myself and for the daddy. I’ve made a timeline for everything too and when there’s a sale coming, it’s always very handy when you know what exactly you need! I was only 4 months pregnant when there was a Black Friday Sale and I managed to get a 40% discount on a Stokke pram set from newborn to toddler days! That was one of the best bargains we had!

Take care of yourself. You may or may not have tons of help during and after your pregnancy but one thing is for sure. You need a lot of rest, Mama. Go for a walk to be active, get plenty of sleep, pamper yourself with a spa, a nice manicure and pedicure, whatever works for you. Give yourself a lot of love and time – because when the baby comes, it’s so difficult without feeling guilty doing all of this! And if you are like me who is so obsessed with my own child, it’s really hard to have a little break.

Hello and welcome!

Hello my darlings! Welcome to my little world!

I am Winlove but you can call me Win. I am originally from the Philippines but Norway is my new home. I have three beautiful children, two boys – Julian,11 and Sebastian,9 and one baby daughter – Victoria, 2. I also have one toy poodle named Chewy, 5 and he is a sweetheart! My husband, Einar is Norwegian and he’s the reason to why we’re here in Stavanger.

This blog is my heart. This is where I share my passion in beauty and my own journey in life.

With my little contribution of positivity, honesty and encouragement to those who needs to read or hear this, I hope I am of help to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read and visit, I hope to see you again soon!

xoxo, Win

What’s in Puglia, Italy

It’s been countless times I’ve visited different parts of Italy and I must say that Puglia was one of the best ones I’ve ever been. It is located in the southern peninsular section of Italy and they are mostly known for its olive oil production.

Puglia has plenty of beaches in the whole region, it is perfect for a family getaway or a holiday trip for couples!

With the help of the locals through Authentic Puglia Tours I was able to experience real local lifestyle – they love eating their seafood fresh and when I say fresh, it’s straight from the sea – fresh.

I managed to get around the neighbourhood as well by foot, dining with the Italians – enjoying real Italian handmade – stone oven pizza and finish the meal with real Italian gelato – I love my pistachio gelato!

Getting around needs a car and so I’m glad I was well taken care of and so I was able to enjoy and relax my few days holiday. On my last days as well, we went to see more amazing places such as olive tree farms, vineyards, a day trip to see Castel del Monte, Turi and Alberobello Trulli.

It was a super amazing experience for me and I can’t wait to come again and bring along the whole family!