MAC Cosmetics – who has not heard of this brand. For me, I’ve heard of this brand since I was in high school – a very long time ago. We didn’t have MAC stores on where I come from in the Philippines (Iloilo City) but I was surrounded by amazing makeup artists (while doing modellingContinue reading “MAC COSMETICS REVIEW”


Wedding makeup is my most favourite job in the world! I love personalising my services based on what my client needs and how I could make it as comfortable and easy for my brides. As a professional makeup artist and a woman who loves to be pampered and has planned her own wedding, I knowContinue reading “BRIDAL MAKEUP”


Hello lovelies! I recently got my proper nails training from the best nail masters here in Norway and so my huge love for nails and all other beauty talk just grew even bigger! I’ve also started updating my beauty instagram account, if you’d like to follow me there along with some of my makeup andContinue reading “AUTUMN NAIL INSPO”


Sun, oh.. lots of sun! This year has been the best summer I’ve ever had in Norway! The weather made a huge impact this time. In the few years I’ve visited Stavanger, I could still remember the number of times I had to wear layers of clothing because of the wind and rain NOT THISContinue reading “SUMMER IN NORWAY 2021”

Victoria is 1

Can you even imagine that it’s been a year already since I gave birth to my lovely little daughter?? I can’t. Time is so fast and every single day, I can’t help but to just feel so incredibly blessed and happy to be this little angels Mum. I know its sooo cheesy and super commonContinue reading “Victoria is 1”


Hello my darlings! Glad to have you here! (or again! if you’re super awesome fam to me now) Today, I want to talk about the weather since I live in Norway now. I have been in different winter conditions when we used to live in Bucharest and some winter holidays here in Norway in theContinue reading “WALKING ON ICE IN STAVANGER”

Winter Skin Care Routine and Most Recommended Products

Hello my darlings! Welcome back! Today, I’ll be sharing with you my winter skin care routine – targeting mainly on the face and body and my top most favourite products these days! Are you ready? Here we go.. So, it all started when we moved in Bucharest when I started taking my skin care routineContinue reading “Winter Skin Care Routine and Most Recommended Products”