Things I Learned in the Last Pregnancy

Books, classes, seminars, workshops.. you name it, I’ve had it before. After being pregnant and given birth for the third time, I can confidently attest that not all pregnancy are the same.

Every single woman has their unique experiences and that’s normal. Perfectly fine! So, don’t you worry Mama, you got this!

When I found out that I was pregnant with my third baby, I was so sure that I know what to do – probably same procedure as the previous ones and probably same routines. But, No. Covid-19 came and nobody knows what’s normal and what is allowed. You can’t find similar stories anywhere, its not in every book and there’s no workshop or seminars about it. Totally different.

I did try to panic for a bit because during that time we were living in Bucharest and at that time, because the pandemic is still relatively new and at peak – I was told that my husband is not allowed at all to come with me in the hospital. I will have to give birth alone! I also had an emergency c-section. It was a total mess in my head but in the end, I just wanted to get it done, get my baby to safety and be home.

So, I am sharing with you things I have learned for a smooth and calm pregnancy and delivery from my previous experiences.

Books. Read a lot of it. Call me a geek. Some may find it useless but trust me, you’ll feel a lot better when you know what to expect. I always read something, jot down all my possible questions for my next check-up or if I have any clarifications. Trust me, when you feel like you are mentally prepared and knowledgeable of what it going on with your body, you’ll enjoy your journey a little more.

Trust your Ob-gyne / Doula, etc. I’ve always been very careful in choosing my own doctor. I always trust my instinct since I will be going through this whole journey with him/her. If I think I have to change because it doesn’t satisfy my needs/beliefs then I will. Trust your instinct. Enjoy your pregnancy!

Capture every moment. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Since my first pregnancy, I have been very consistent in taking photos and capturing every memory I had. Don’t forget to back it up too! A lot! LOL! I did that mistake with my second pregnancy, I only back it up once and then I lost that hard drive! And I feel forever feeling so sorry for my little son, Sebastian for not having enough photos and videos for him!

List down and prepare everything. I am a freak when it comes to lists. I didn’t do this with my first two pregnancy and I regret it. I’ve learned it with my last one. On the early stage, I’ve opened up a spreadsheet, listed down everything I needed for the baby, I needed for myself and for the daddy. I’ve made a timeline for everything too and when there’s a sale coming, it’s always very handy when you know what exactly you need! I was only 4 months pregnant when there was a Black Friday Sale and I managed to get a 40% discount on a Stokke pram set from newborn to toddler days! That was one of the best bargains we had!

Take care of yourself. You may or may not have tons of help during and after your pregnancy but one thing is for sure. You need a lot of rest, Mama. Go for a walk to be active, get plenty of sleep, pamper yourself with a spa, a nice manicure and pedicure, whatever works for you. Give yourself a lot of love and time – because when the baby comes, it’s so difficult without feeling guilty doing all of this! And if you are like me who is so obsessed with my own child, it’s really hard to have a little break.

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