What’s in Puglia, Italy

It’s been countless times I’ve visited different parts of Italy and I must say that Puglia was one of the best ones I’ve ever been. It is located in the southern peninsular section of Italy and they are mostly known for its olive oil production.

Puglia has plenty of beaches in the whole region, it is perfect for a family getaway or a holiday trip for couples!

With the help of the locals through Authentic Puglia Tours I was able to experience real local lifestyle – they love eating their seafood fresh and when I say fresh, it’s straight from the sea – fresh.

I managed to get around the neighbourhood as well by foot, dining with the Italians – enjoying real Italian handmade – stone oven pizza and finish the meal with real Italian gelato – I love my pistachio gelato!

Getting around needs a car and so I’m glad I was well taken care of and so I was able to enjoy and relax my few days holiday. On my last days as well, we went to see more amazing places such as olive tree farms, vineyards, a day trip to see Castel del Monte, Turi and Alberobello Trulli.

It was a super amazing experience for me and I can’t wait to come again and bring along the whole family!

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